Software Engineer

Apple, Inc.

I currently work for Apple as a software engineer on the Internationalization team. I work to develop new ways for people of all languages to interact with their devices in clear and concise ways. Notable technologies used here:

  • Unicode
  • Objective-c, Swift, UIKit, and AppKit
  • Compiler design and implementation

Software Engineer

First Orion

Working at First Orion, I developed machine learning models,iOS, Android applications to help protect consumers from fraudulent and unwanted calls. My primary responsibilities were:

  • Design efficient applications which run silently in the background
  • Improve “bad actor” recognition through machine learning

Research Assistant

StonyBrook University

Researched the application of managed, type-safe languages to the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) chip. This project focused on implementing an application-separation toolkit and runtime for Java applications to leverage the security features of the Intel SGX security features.

  • Implemented Java Native Interface (JNI) code for Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  • Implemented a specialized Remote Procedure Call library leveraging Java Dynamic Proxies, CGLib, and the Java Native Interface.